Meredith St. Louis can help you establish a relationship with consumers who share the same lifestyle traits as your targeted consumers. Let us help you connect to those who matter most to your business.

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What is Lifestyle Marketing at Meredith St. Louis?

Meredith is home to 42 of the most recognizable brands – People, Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, Magnolia, and All Recipes are just a few offering premium content and targeted messaging opportunities to align your brand with consumers that matter for your business. 

Whether it be lifestyle television specials, digital or print ads, magazine wraps or integrated segments on Great Day St. Louis, Meredith St. Louis can create a brand-building relationship that delivers credibility and results for your business.


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The Importance of Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing can open the door to groups of potential customers who already share your similar interests and opinions – you just need to be invited! By creating custom content alongside Meredith’s established brands, your message will be more than an ad – it will provide information, entertainment, and even credibility to your brand.

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