Communicating What Covid Safety Precautions You're Keeping in Place

Sharie Levingston-Krueger

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October 22, 2021 at 12:30 PM

Communicating What Covid Safety Precautions Youre Keeping in Place

The inconsistencies and general uncertainty around the pandemic have forced businesses to pivot and find new ways to reach customers. Where they could once rely on people walking by, businesses have had to find ways to inform customers without them leaving their homes. Many business owners have found creative solutions to show customers what Covid precautions they have in place, and they have done so by expanding valuable information channels. 

As you try to bring customers to your business, here are some tips for communicating your precautions with customers during these continually uncertain times. 

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Make Your Website the Key Source of Information 

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.01.14 PMAs a result of the pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders across the globe, businesses expanded their websites to develop an online presence people can reach at home. Building and establishing their websites complemented and expanded their physical locations by giving customers access to your store ahead of visiting your location. Your website should be all-encompassing by providing new products or promotional information beyond pandemic news. 

Maintaining a well-designed and healthy website was a lifeline to many businesses during the pandemic and will help them long after as a customer resource or as an e-commerce store. Having plenty of information on your website increases your brand's authority and trustworthiness by making information consistently accessible.   

Make sure your information stays timely and updated to ensure any information regarding curbside orders or masks is current. It guarantees you stay compliant with local regulations, which can change quickly and immediately, while showing you value your customers and want them to remain safe and healthy amid the pandemic. Treat your website as your customer’s primary resource to learn about your company and offerings so that customers will know they can trust you. 

Share Updates Flexibly Using Social Media  

While your website should serve as a central information hub, social media can help get information out quickly and reach customers who may not be actively checking your website. Depending on which platforms your customers use, you could target sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with regular updates that align with your website. While this reaches more people, it's a good idea to include signs at your door to alert customers to curbside pickup or if they need to wear a mask to avoid all confusion.  

Social media channels offer many ways to share information, such as sharing event updates and promotions to encourage people to engage with your business. You can even provide a direct course of engagement to answer questions more efficiently, enabling people to comment on your posts or send direct messages to your business. These tactics will turn your social media presence into an extension of your customer support. As soon as something within your business or industry changes, it takes no time to post an update that audiences everywhere will see. Engaging with customers through these channels shows care and attention, making them feel better about continuing to do business with you. 

Taking these steps to use social media throughout the pandemic will help you get the most from your social media marketing efforts

Reach Out to Your Most Loyal Customers Through Email 

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.15.35 PMEmail marketing remains one of the best marketing tools for businesses, and that's especially true during the pandemic. Email offers a conversational tool to connect with customers and share updates and precautions with them directly. People may be curious to know what your business is doing to keep people safe, and an email update can be a pleasant and informative surprise. You can preemptively deliver information before they seek it themselves, which demonstrates your care and thoughtfulness. 

In addition to sharing updates that explain precautions, your key goals with email marketing are to drive business. Add any updates alongside a general email marketing campaign. For instance, you could offset any potential inconvenience and guarantee customers' loyalty by offering special promotions. You can also explain different sales courses or share other updates regarding business operations or offerings. Although your customers likely care to know how you're addressing the pandemic, they also want to see much more from you. 

Email is a great way to keep your customers on board and in the know. It can also support your website and social media efforts if you’re sharing more than just pandemic news. For example, adding a static link in your emails to pages sharing pandemic-related information on your website makes the information accessible without pushing it. That way, you help those who want to know without bothering those who aren't concerned. Continue your regular habits of encouraging people to follow your social media profiles to maximize your reach while keeping your brand top of mind among email subscribers. Subsequently, you'll be able to drive more overall engagement and sales in the long term with a top-notch email marketing strategy

Stay Communicative and Reassuring to Keep Customers Coming to You 

Knowing how to communicate precautions throughout the pandemic is essential for businesses that want to keep customers loyal and attract new ones. You can connect with customers at every touchpoint by developing a highly informative website, a consistent social media presence, and an email marketing strategy. In the process, you'll be able to show customers that you value their safety and encourage them to continue connecting with you as you differentiate yourself from less communicative competitors. 

As the effects of the pandemic begin to wane and a sense of normalcy approaches, you'll come out on top by retaining a loyal following. You'll also make sure that your business can respond quickly to similar inconveniences in the future. 

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